This was one of the most amazing adventures this job has given me.

When I received an email from Alice asking about my availability for a wedding photography service on an island in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, I almost couldn't believe it.

Thanks to the splendid fairies at FairyEco, who did the wedding design and recommended me, this wonderful family got in touch with me.

In late June, I found myself at Edinburgh airport waiting for Alice and Alessandro, as well as their families and friends; together we made our way to Oban where we got on a boat for the Isle of Mull and eventually landed on the magical island of Iona.

Magical. And more: Iona is mystical. 

Christianity spread throughout Scotland from this very island thanks to Saint Columba, and there are numerous clan chiefs and Scottish kings buried on Iona. But even just the deep blue colours of the sea, the splendid green of the hills and the serene animals are enough to instil an immense sense of inner peace. 

I don't think I will ever be able to forget the amazing feeling as I went into the bed and breakfast where the bride-to-be was staying. And in the morning, with my rucksack on my shoulders, as I set off on foot on a track that ventured between the sea and the fields, to the sound of bleating in the distance, the waves, birds singing, the gentle sun on my skin. 

I'll also never forget the intensity of that moment when Alice entered the austere and ancient abbey, accompanied by her father and led by her children, while Alessandro waited for them at the altar with tears in his eyes, and a friend of theirs played the organ for them, like music from a carillon.

I'll never forget the ring warming ceremony, as the rings were passed between the hands of the guests, in the silence of the abbey, broken only by the singing of a dear friend of theirs, a single voice rising up to the wooden roof of the church and beyond, crystal clear and pure.

I'll never forget the handfasting ceremony, as the couple's hands were tied together with ribbon by some of their closest friends and family (as well as the words of the groom's grandmother together with the shy, emotional look in their children's eyes!).


I had the honour of being part of their group; we travelled together, I hugged their children, told stories, listened to tales. I sat together with them all at the table in the small Argyll Hotel, I was moved as I listened to their friends' speeches. I also had the chance to wander on my own across the island, to roam the white beaches on the north, looking for Iona green marble, to walk barefoot along the southern beaches, where the sea looks like the Caribbean, to meander along hilly paths, past sheep and Highland cows, under heavy skies, the ground beaten by wind that transformed the grass into a single green wave, and to walk at night in the faint sunlight that never quite disappears at this time of year and at this latitude.


Iona is sacred.

Iona is timeless.

Iona gets beneath your skin.


Here you can see the tale of this wonderful adventure, a blessed prelude to the future that awaits Alice and Alessandro, their wonderful children, with all the love I could sense, and all the love I wish for them again and again, with immense gratitude.


Wedding art Design: FairyEco

Location: Iona Island

Location for bridal preparations and post wedding dinner: Ardoran House

Location of groom preparations and wedding lunch: Argyll Hotel

Wedding ceremony : Iona Abbey




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