It's a true privilege for me to be a part of one of the most important and wonderful days of your lives, which is why my priority is not to be intrusive. I work with the other people involved in putting your wedding together so that we can all provide the best, and you can focus on enjoying the celebrations with your guests.

I have the delicate task of providing you with images that portray your day: to do this, I discreetly and carefully follow the events throughout the day, ready to record details, places and people. I set aside a short period for a natural and relaxed couple's portrait session, at a time of day with the perfect light, without whisking you away from your guests.


I have the responsibility of providing you and your loved ones with images that will become part of your life story. I understand the social importance of wedding photographs and I am more than happy to take classic family shots if you wish.


No, I always work with an assistant or another professional photographer. This allows me to follow both the bride and groom while they get ready, particularly when they are at different locations, but also to have two different points of view throughout the day.

I will give you about 800 photos chosen by me, as well as 200 chosen directly by you from an online gallery, in jpeg and high resolution formats on a USB memory stick. By request, I can provide all of the shots. However, I do not provide RAW image formats or digital negatives. This is because, from a professional point of view, I consider my work to be complete only after the post-production stage.




Post-production is the final stage of production of a photographic image taken using digital technology. It is when editing software and high-performance computers are used to adjust tones, brightness, colours and contrasts to obtain the image as it was envisaged when it was taken. This is an essential stage in photography production, combining technology, creativity and interpretation, which is why I carry out this stage myself.


I can provide all the prints you like, in passe-partout, traditional albums or personalised photobooks designed with you and for you.

No, the skills for videos and filming are different to that of a photographer, but I do have a network of trusted colleagues who work with a similar approach and style to me. Let me know if you would like to get in touch with them personally.




I offer three different packages depending on how much coverage you would like as well as various additional services. Get in touch and I will be more than happy to provide further details.


Of course. You can ask your guests to give you your wedding photography package as a gift, using the special personal gift list service on my website with payments via PayPal.