“JUST A DOG” is the title of a book by Michael Gerard Bauer that I used to read every evening to my son Tommaso when he was a boy.

It’s a fun, seemingly light-hearted book, but one which gave us so much.

It’s a book which Francesca would definitely understand. 

She came to my studio along with Silvio and four furry friends—Zeeva,  Ducky, Abby and Cookie—as well as Martina who had the wonderful idea of giving Francesca the gift of a photo shoot with her four dogs. It was an incredibly lively mini session, thanks to all the tail-wagging joy it brought.

Only those who enjoy the company of an animal can understand how special these creatures are and what an incredible blessing they are.

Every evening, Tommaso and I used to read about the main character’s adventures in Bauer’s book, to its simple conclusion (which you can read below), that silences anyone who bluntly labels one of these incredible companions as “Just a dog”. 


“Maybe it’s the one trick he taught me.

That sometimes, no matter how much you want something, the very best thing you can do is wait, just like he did - wait for stuff to happen or stop happening, for things to heal up and get better or for someone to come home. 

 I reckon that’s a pretty good trick to learn, from just a dog.”


(Naturally, this was followed by floods of tears and heart-felt hugs between Tommaso and me, in that unstoppable way that only love knows.)


If you want a photo session with your dog or cat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me HERE.

This photo shoot can also take place at your home or outside (like THIS 4-LEGGED FRIEND PHOTO SHOOT )


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