Who knows if Gabriele will remember the morning he spent in my studio.

Me? I certainly will.

For his first birthday, his parents and I created a birthday party set complete with bunting, a giant “1”, coloured balloons and a cake.

I wonder what he thought of all this.

Naturally, as I took the photos, I watched him closely. Everything is so new to them, be it a balloon or a fork, a decorated cake or an apple, a bow tie or a coloured sock. He sat on the set, so sweetly and obediently, unaware he was the star of the party. He discovered the colours of the balloons, the sweetness of the cream on the cake (which he even spread on his feet!) and every now and then he looked at us as if to say, “Huh? What's up?” And he smiled. He smiled because we smiled (you can’t imagine how much fun we had), and because that's how it should be: love and love in return.

We all learnt a lot from Gabriele that morning, a few days before celebrating his first, wonderful, year of life.

Thank you, sweetheart.



If you would like to do something similar with your little one, messy hands and cake are always welcome in my studio!

Or if you would like to tell the story of a typical day in the life of your little one, I do a photography service called “A day in the life”, at your home, in your everyday life with its unmade beds, breakfast dishes in the sink, cuddles on the sofa, messy food, drawings stuck on the fridge and so so much affection. Because that’s what family life is about.


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