"The reality is more excellent than the report." 
Ralph Emerson Waldo

I firmly believe that life is a gift. I embrace life, spreading happiness and love wherever I can. I allow myself to be moved by all the wonderful things the world has in store for us, casting aside the suffering it imparts.

I am emotional, empathetic, creative and loyal.

I seek out beauty: in gestures, compositions, light and shapes.

I favour a clean style of photography and a discreet approach. I like to empathise with the people I photograph and the atmosphere around them.

A photograph is like a paper boat, launched into the flow of a stream by the innocent hands of a child. Photography doesn't stop time; it stops us, if we let it. I can't make your emotions last forever (I wouldn't know how to even for my own): by their very nature, emotions and feelings exist only in the present, in the "here and now". The memory of an emotion doesn't bring it back to life, but it creates a new feeling ("remembering is the same as imagining," wrote the Italian photographer Ferdinando Scianna). This is what I love about taking photographs of weddings, families and stories I’m not trying to stop time, just helping to give it a new life. I would like your photographs to be like that paper boat free, across generations, to tell a story.

Your story.

In my camera bag

I was selected by this renowned brand for the launch of their certification project in the “Wedding” category. In complete harmony with Leica's philosophy of focusing on quality in my photography and my work, I use equipment produced by this noteworthy historic brand: two camera bodies equipped with fixed focal length lenses to give maximum sharpness and clarity to my vision. Visit the website here

After the click

Whether it’s a single photograph or an entire photo collection, I am convinced your images deserve better than being destined to the digital abyss of a hard disk. The smell of a print, the feeling on your fingertips as you turn the pages of a book, a large print in the heart of your home this is what photography means to me, a faithful part of your journey through life. This is why I am fully-committed to the quality production of your prints, working with suppliers who value both my work and your precious memories, using well-crafted durable materials and combining these with endless personal touches to make something for you to treasure. Photobooks, traditional albums, passe-partout boxes with fine art prints, enlargements on canvas, under glass or as fine art prints, all stunning creations for you this is what I can offer.


When another photographer is required for a photography service, I always work alongside an expert professional photographer who uses top-quality equipment. I strongly believe in team work and that its success depends on the individuals who make up the team. I also team up with other professionals for video services or drone photography.