"The reality is more excellent than the report." 
Ralph Emerson Waldo

I firmly believe that life is a gift. I embrace life, spreading happiness and love wherever I can. I allow myself to be moved by all the wonderful things the world has in store for us, casting aside the suffering it imparts.

I am emotional, empathetic, creative and loyal.

I seek out beauty: in gestures, compositions, light and shapes.

I favour a clean style of photography and a discreet approach. I like to empathise with the people I photograph and the atmosphere around them.

A photograph is like a paper boat, launched into the flow of a stream by the innocent hands of a child. Photography doesn't stop time; it stops us, if we let it. I can't make your emotions last forever (I wouldn't know how to even for my own): by their very nature, emotions and feelings exist only in the present, in the "here and now". The memory of an emotion doesn't bring it back to life, but it creates a new feeling ("remembering is the same as imagining," wrote the Italian photographer Ferdinando Scianna). This is what I love about taking photographs of weddings, families and stories—I’m not trying to stop time, just helping to give it a new life. I would like your photographs to be like that paper boat—free, across generations, to tell a story.

Your story.