Love Stories


29 March 2018

I love nature. I love simplicity.

This is an album that reflects these tastes.

Plain, yet extremely expressive, even in the choice of printing on Velvet paper—a completely matt paper which is soft to touch and soft on the eyes (if you love really intense blacks this is not the paper for you). I found it was the perfect choice for...


19 March 2018

This is Laura.

She works as a translator. She is your “Italian voice” if you need translations from English, Portuguese or Spanish. She works with everything, but is specialised in recipe translations.

Those who know me well already know how important professionalism is to me: expertise, experience and recognising your...


19 March 2018

Pregnancy, for me, is a moment of grace.

Alessia reminded me of this without a shadow of a doubt. 

In early January she contacted me to find out about a pregnancy photo service and opted for a studio session. As a Valentine's Day present, we created a voucher for Luca, her partner, and managed to drag him onto the set too! A...

Dicono di me

ALBINA E FABRIZIO, married on 30/9/2016

I got married on 30 September and less than two months before I still hadn't chosen a photographer despite having looked at many. As soon as I met Luisa and saw her work, I knew I wanted her to be the person who would portray our special day in pictures—Luisa manages to bring photography to life, her vision is not transformed by special effects, but is a representation of reality through details, expressions and moments loaded with emotion, which she manages to capture perfectly. What can I say, when she is working she is fantastic! She is totally attentive, but never intrusive, always very discreet and puts you at ease. Choosing Luisa is a guarantee of peace of mind, especially on your wedding day!

GIOVANNA E NICOLA, married on 17/9/2016

With Luisa we immediately found the perfect combination of light-heartedness and professionalism which enabled us, in a natural and spontaneous way, to enjoy all the moments set aside for photographs during our wedding day. From the choice of the location to the original shots, she managed to get our taste and our ideas for the photos of our special day. Always helpful, kind and professional, she fully met our expectations, even managing to transform two people like us, who are not big fans of the camera, into models! We highly recommend her to anyone!

(see their wedding photos here)

MARTA E DAVIDE, married on 19/9/2016

Luisa put us at ease immediately. We were looking for a photography service that wasn't intrusive and that's exactly what we got. Professionalism, friendliness and kindness.

We highly recommend her!

(See their wedding photos by clicking here!)

CHARA E ETTORE,married on 5/8/2017

Luisa is much more than just a photographer: she is a kind and pure soul who completely understands the fleeting emotions of such a unique and special occasion like your wedding day. With her at our side, we never felt watched, or made to pose, but taken on a journey that brought us dozens and hundreds of wonderful shots as a reminder of the most beautiful day of our lives.

Sara & Francesco

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Other Newlywed

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